Presentation of CONSORTEX Project’s Development at the XXII General Assembly of Foro Marítimo Vasco

Last June the 28th, in the framework of the XXII General Assembly of Foro Marítimo Vasco, the CONSORTEX' s leader took the opportunity to develop a dissemination event for the project among the partners and guests of the Basque maritime cluster, in which the companies that have already been involved in it, the rest of the members, public and private institutions and public authorities from the Local Administration and the Basque Government were present.
Consequently, with the activity of Foro Marítimo Vasco, the event began with a boat tour by Bilbao River from the Town Hall to the pier of the Real Club Marítimo del Abra, in Getxo, where the rest of the events took place. During the trip, the ship passengers could enjoy places of special attractiveness, like the Guggenheim Museum, the University of Deusto or the Puente Bizkaia (suspension bridge), as well as industrial facilities like Murueta shipyards, Navacel, La Naval (at this moment in disuse) or the compact steel mill.

Once in Getxo, after the mandatory introduction of the General Manager of Foro Marítimo Vasco, Javier López de Lacalle, Víctor Lejarreta, project coordinator provided the audience with up-to-date information on their level of development and the steps that will be taken in the coming months to achieve the planned objectives. The project coordinator also showed the methodology that is being developed and the content of the consortia and business groups to be incorporated, which will basically revolve around the engine room, bridge, deck and accommodation for offshore vessels, scientific ships, cruise ships and maritime power plants. He placed special emphasis on the success of the recruitment of companies, which exceeded the expected: more than eighty have already joined the project. Once the consortiums were formed, the companies assigned to each one of them will be invited to participate in three rounds of meetings that will be held between September of this year and March of 2020 in the cities in which the headquarters of our partners are located.
The event finished with a cocktail served on the terrace of the Club and a lunch in its main dining room.