CONSORTEX promotes the creation of six export consortia involving SMEs of five-country in the Atlantic Area

The first set of meetings gathering the companies interested in integrating the Interregional Exporting Consortia that will be established under the CONSORTEX Project starts on the 19th of November.
Over the past months, the project partners promoted a survey focused on the SMEs of the Shipbuilding sector and its ancillary industry, in their respective countries. The contact with entrepreneurs and the information collected through the survey allowed the partnership to identify 35 companies with the potential interest of being part of the Consortia.
CONSORTEX aims to form six Consortia, consisting of European SMEs specialised in the manufacture of built-in packages for vessels and marine structures (Deck, Vessel Design, Accommodation, Engine Room, Bridge and Offshore Energy). The partners of the project are committed to bringing together the Atlantic Area Shipbuilding SMEs, promoting the collaboration between them. By being part of an export consortium, firms keep their autonomy and could combine expertise and financial means to access foreign markets.
The first meetings aim to promote the presentation of the methodology of incorporation of Exporting Consortia, putting companies from different countries in contact. The meetings will be equally important as firms will have the chance to present their expectations, doubts, objectives and market strategy.
In some cases, the sessions will also be attended by a legal expert who will clarify all issues related to the creation of Interregional Consortia and what are the main advantages of companies working together to address the international market.
After the first round of meetings, the companies involved in the Deck, Vessel Design, Accommodation, Engine Room, Bridge and Offshore Energy Consortia will participate in a second meeting, in February 2020, to outline their Business Plan.
Consortia are expected to be formally established in May 2020 at the Plenary Session of Interregional Exporting Consortia, promoted by CONSORTEX partners at the NAVALIA fair in Vigo.
CONSORTEX project is led by Foro Marítimo Vasco gathering the partners Fórum Oceano - Associação da Economia do Mar, Associação das Indústrias Navais, Cork Institute of Technology, National Maritime, Clúster del Sector Naval Gallego and Bretagne Pôle Naval.
With a total budget of over € 1.6 million and an ERDF incentive, through the INTERREG Atlantic Area programme, of almost € 1.3 million, CONSORTEX will end in June 2020.