The first round of meetings to establish export consortia has been held

From the 19th of November to the 5th of December 2019, the first round of video conferences to begin the process of incorporating European export consortia in the maritime sector has been held within CONSORTEX Project.
The first meeting was the Vessel Design Consortium one, led by the Associação das Indústrias Navais, in which staff members of Cintranaval-Defcar (E), FlaktGroup (IRL), Almadesign (P) and Vera Navis (P) took part. A brief presentation of the project was made, indicating future steps to be taken. Each company introduced itself and subsequently, discussed the expectations of each of them in relation to the start-up of the consortium, about the markets that seem to be more interesting, the type of client to address and the most accurate business cooperation format for the involved firms.
On the 22nd of November, the group of companies related to Accommodation held their meeting. This consortium is led by the Galician Naval Cluster Association (Aclunaga) and participated personally or by representation Bere Island Boatyard (IRL), FlaktGroup (IRL), Galventus Wind Services (E), Aister (E), Hotelis (P), Penimar (P) and Almadesign (P).
The Bridge Consortium, led by Forum Ocean met on November 26, involving seven companies: Marinelec (F), Ship As A Service - Serenmar (F), Detegasa (E), Galventus Wind Services (E), Tecnoveritas (P), Almadesign (P) and FlaktGroup (IRL). The meeting was held in the same format as the previous ones.
Three days later, the Basque Maritime Forum led the group of companies on Machine Room, in which nine companies were grouped: Meunier Industries (F), Detegasa (E), Indar Electric (E), Skandiaverken (E), Tecnoveritas (P), Olimar (P), ARQ Asset Solutions (IRL), FlaktGroup (IRL) and Bere Island Boatyard (IRL).
The last two consortia were left for December. On day 3, the group of companies specialized in Deck met. This group will be led by the Cork Institute of Technology, and was composed of seven companies: Add-Modules Technologies (F), Glual Hydraulics (E), Ferri Industries (E), Obeki Electric Machines (E), Dare Technology (IRL), ARQ Asset Solutions (IRL) and Bere Island Boatyard (IRL). Finally, on the 5th, the Offshore Energy Consortium held its meeting, led again by Foro Marítimo Vasco. This is, as in the case of the Engine Room Consortium, the largest group, with nine companies participating in it: SDI Services (F), Navacel (E), Zineti (E), Galventus Wind Services (E), Detegasa (E), Olimar (P), Dare Technology (IRL), ARQ Asset Solutions (IRL) and FlaktGroup (IRL).
From now to February next year, when the second round of meetings will be held, Foro Marítimo Vasco, as Lead Partner of CONSORTEX project, will make available to participating companies an Internet site for each of the consortium, so they have a place where all the information useful in the process of incorporating groups of companies were collected, from the minutes of the meetings to the presentations of the companies, documents generated in the project, additional information or the calendar with the new steps to be taken and tasks to be done before the next meeting.
Due to the participation obtained in each of the meetings and the expectation generated in the involved companies, fruitful results are expected to be reached in form of commercial agreements that strengthen the positioning of these firms in the worldwide maritime markets.